‘The Hard Way’ by Lee Child

‘Reacher Gets To England’

Score: 3/5

Yeah, another Reacher novel. They’re still fun - fast-paced, easy to read, not too deep for my tiny mind.

This one is... not the best Reacher novel. At least part of that is the alien feeling of reading Reacher’s take on things that are common in England but weird, rare or unknown to US folk like Reacher. Is this capturing the alien feeling the author felt when he first arrived in England and saw his first roundabout?

And a niggle: the books make a point of noting how light Reacher travels. He has no clothes other than what he wears (and he bins them rather than launder them), and he even keeps his toothbrush in his pocket so he doesn’t have to go back to his room if he decides to leave town. Sometimes you even get a full inventory of everything he carries in his pockets.

So where was his passport all this time? He’ll have needed the passport to fly internationally (the book is set in 2005). I don’t remember it being mentioned before this book. (Then again, I haven’t read them all.)

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