‘Aftershocks’ by Marko Kloos

‘A Book Of Prologue’

Score: 4/5

Hmm. This book feels kinda like a cross between the Frontlines series (by the same author) and The Expanse. That’s maybe not such a surprise since the authors are all part of some writer club cluster, but it’s a little disappointing.

The slow, plodding aspects of The Expanse have migrated over, and this felt like a long book with entire chapters where little happened. (I had that same feeling reading The Expanse books.) Still, The Expanse has proved hugely popular, so what do I know?

Someone said authors should write a prologue for their books, to set things up and show how things came to be, but then they should discard that prologue before publication. The purpose, that author said, was to get everything straight in the author’s mind, and to get the explanations of how things worked out of the way so they didn’t make it into the actual book. Readers would have to pick up how things worked from the characters doing things rather than have it all explicitly explained, and that (apparently) led to better books.

Well, here’s the opposite. This book felt like it was entirely prologue, never getting to the actual story. To pick one unfair example: this series is called ‘The Palladium Wars’. By the end of the book, war hasn’t started.

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