‘A Deadly Education’ by Naomi Novik

‘Internally Consistent, Stonkingly Good’

Score: 5/5

This was thoroughly enjoyable! Superficially it’s easy to make comparisons with Harry Potter - incredibly powerful young magician goes to old school of magic, hijinks ensue - but it’s very different in tone and depth, and ‘hijinks’ is probably a mischaracterisation for both series of books.

What stood out for me was the internal consistency of the setting. With a lot of fantasy books it’s hard to see how some things came about, even if it’s ‘explained’ in backstory. Here though things are a natural consequence of other things, which are a consequence of still other things, and so on. It all fits, in a way that seems rare (to me) for science fiction and fantasy books.

Anyway, this is a stonkingly good book.

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