‘The Fold’ by Peter Cline

‘Why Didn’t You Check?’

Score: 4/5

This was OK. It was better than ‘Paradox Bound’, but that’s mostly because it wasn’t so ‘Yay America’ and I like ‘Stargate SG1’. Yeah, the whole design of the room and the Fold seemed to derive from ‘Stargate SG1’...

But mostly the big problem I had was that it was a bit of an idiot plot. An idiot plot can have its place - probably if it acknowledges that all the characters are idiots - but this doesn’t really fit there. The main character is supposed to be a genius - someone who has a photographic memory and an IQ so high that he learned C++ overnight to debug someone else’s code.

I don’t want to get into the nitty-gritty of the plot, but, well, if you open a ‘portal’ there are some very obvious questions you should ask straight off the bat. Even a genius should know that. If you don’t ask those obvious questions, you get nearly 400 pages of sitting, reading, asking ‘Why didn’t you check...?’

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