‘The Anomaly’ by Michael Rutger

‘Cracking Creepy Horror Story’

Score: 5/5

One common problem programming in dynamic languages and scripts is: sometimes you rename a variable and forget to update all the references, so bits of the program refer to the old variable name and some bits the new.

It’s a common problem in programming. I hadn’t expected it to be a problem with authors.

We’re now on the third incarnation of names for this author. I think. There may be more. I started off reading Michael Marshall Smith. Then I read Michael Marshall. Now, apparently, he’s Michael Rutger. It’s all the same guy.

Anyway, instead of the science fiction of Michael Marshall Smith, or the thrillers of Michael Marshall, we now have the horror writing of Michael Rutger.

I’m not really a fan of horror books. I think I got that all out of my system when I was younger, when I read lots of James Herbert and others. I made it out of that alive but haven’t really had the urge to read any in a while. Still, I like Michael Whatever, so I figured I’d give this a go.

There are some good James Herbert books, and some bad ones. This feels like one of the good ones. The characterisation is decent, the setting interesting, the plot very well paced. The cliffhanger-ending of chapters gets a bit weary but not enough to put me off.

I thoroughly enjoyed it. I do wonder what name he’ll use next though.

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