‘All These Worlds’ by Dennis E. Taylor

‘So, So Much Grinning’

Score: 4/5

I don’t know if this is a cultural thing or not, but my there’s a lot of grinning in these books. He grinned at me, I grinned at her, she grinned... Nobody smiles, nobody fake-smiles, there are precious few other facial expressions ever used, purely because everybody is always grinning.

By the third book in the series it was getting to me. Obviously.

At least there’s some finality now, with the series over. There’s still a lot of ‘Why didn’t he just...’ about some of the plot points, some ‘Well if he’d done that back when it was obvious he should have done it...’ and the occasional ‘You didn’t mention that earlier’.

I enjoyed the series. It did feel like the author was trying to put a smart character in the lead but have him just flawed enough, but it sometimes make him seem dumb.

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