‘The Crypto Trader’ by Glen Goodman

‘Nice Crypto Trading Introduction’

Score: 4/5

This was a nice introduction to technical analysis for cryptocurrency markets. It gives a bit of background on how some cryptocurrency stuff works, but stuff like exchanges and how to get funds into and out of the crypto sphere are left as links to the author’s site. This is probably for the best because it’s so fast-moving - today’s great exchange might be tomorrow’s awful one and updating books is hard when they’re in someone else’s hands.

Some basic technical analysis patterns are shown, as well as a discussion of how to trade them. Plus a nice section on risk management.

The style is informal and chatty, and it’s pretty great. The only thing I’d like to see is more of it all! More on patterns, more on indicators, more on charting, as well as more-recent (or even current!) charts. The author does occasionally post charts to Twitter, I just wish there were more.

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