‘The Guardians’ by John Grisham

‘Just Not That Compelling’

Score: 2/5

There are a bunch of ‘blurbs’ on the cover of this book. They’re all things like: ‘The best thriller writer alive’ (from Ken Follet), ‘A master of storytelling and suspense’ (from Candice Millard) and ‘John Grisham is the master of legal fiction’ (from Jodi Picoult).

I should have taken it as a warning sign that none of the blurbs are actually about the book.

It has been quite a while since I read any John Grisham books - decades maybe. I remember tense legal thrillers with lawyer-heroes in peril. This isn’t really like that. The main character seems fine enough, but I just didn’t feel any particular tension throughout the book. There’s a lot about legal processes here, and the book tries to keep the pace out by leaving out the weeks between court appearances or legal actions, but it just really wasn’t that compelling to me.

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