‘Shift’ by Hugh Howey

‘Captivating But Quite Long’

Score: 5/5

I enjoyed Wool but it has taken me a while to build up to the next in the trilogy. (Side note: does no-one write standalone science fiction novels any more?) I can’t tell you how long because it looks like I didn’t mention reading it on this here blog. But read it I did. Honest.

This second one is still captivating, and still in a distinct setting. The timeline jumps around a bit, which I found annoying - it’s not a version of the How We Got Here trope but sometimes it feels like it.

I didn’t really feel for any of the people though, while I did in the previous book. I can kinda see why some motivating factors were put in place, but unlike the previous book this felt like pieces being deliberately placed on a chessboard to bring about the outcome the author needed (something which is often true but that I reckon’s best hidden).

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