‘Belfast Noir’ by Adrian McKinty and Stuart Neville

‘Short, Pithy, Fun, Weird’

Score: 4/5

A collection of short stories all set in Belfast? Sure!

First of all I was surprised such a thing existed. I mean, No Alibis has been around for 20 years now but it’s still a surprise (and a thrill) to hear of Norn Iron authors outside of Norn Iron.

And this series of books goes everywhere. I didn’t even know it was a series of books, but it is - and the series goes to far flung places like Baghdad and Lagos as well as the more expected Baltimore and New Jersey.

This one is a mixed bag. Some of the stories are lovely. Some have you questioning police methods or available technology. And Lee Child’s story is just plain weird. But overall it was fun, and I now have more authors I want to read.

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