‘Torchship’ by Karl K. Gallagher

‘Way Too Much Fireflying’

Score: 4/5

Someone took the notion of an independent starship with a crew of half a dozen quirky individuals a bit far. Or Firefly has a lot to answer for. One of those.

‘Space cowboys’ never really made a lot of sense to me. I loved Firefly, it just didn’t really add up. For example, if you’re able to navigate from one star system to another I’d expect the available weaponry to be better than a six-shooter or a shotgun.

Well, this book is in the same kind of universe. It draws heavily on that Firefly ethos - a single ship, independent, trying to make money, big galactic events happening around them - but it felt a bit tired.

Maybe I’m just a bit jaded with the whole thing.

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