‘Doctor Who And The Krikketmen’ by Douglas Adams and James Goss

‘No, Not That One’

Score: 5/5

A book by Douglas Adams with white robots turning up at a Lords where our protagonists are watching a cricket match. The robots steal the ashes and then go on to try to destroy the galaxy. It may all sound very familiar, but it's not 'Life, The Universe, And Everything', it's this book.

Bits of it really do come across as a Hitchhiker's/Who crossover. Some paragraphs are weirdly HHGTTG and not at all Whovian. And the weirdest thing about them is that they aren't in the original treatment (included in an appendix), so I'm left wondering to what extent they were made up by the other author (the one who is currently still alive so bears much responsibility for this book) James Goss. Did he find these things in the copious notes he read or did he just do a really good DNA impression?

I've no idea. But still, I enjoyed the book. Maybe not as much as I'd have enjoyed a real, pure Douglas Adams book, but there'll never be another one of those so if this is as close as I can get, I'll take it.

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