‘Reporting The Troubles’ by Deric Henderson and Ivan Little

‘Not Easy To Read’

Score: 5/5

I found this another hard book to read. It’s just short pieces from journalists who had reported on the Troubles here, some memories of a story they covered that meant something to them or that stuck with them for some reason.

But it’s quite harrowing at times.

It’s hard to remember these days what it used to be like here in Northern Ireland. Body searches before being allowed into the city centre. Bags being checked (after the body searches) when going in to some stores. The fear of ‘keyholders’ announcements on TV. The constant stream of deaths in the news.

This book brought it all back. All the events here are ‘living memory’, obviously, but some of them are in my own living memory too - I remember many of these events when they were happening. And it’s not a fun ‘Hey, d’you remember when...’ kind of memory. It’s usually more a ‘I remember exactly what I was doing when I heard about that...’ kind of memory.

They weren’t good times for any of us. But I’m glad for the reporters who were able to tell us about them.

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