‘Soonish’ by Dr. Kelly Weinersmith and Zach Weinersmith

‘More Like This, Please’

Score: 5/5

This was an enjoyable introduction to 10 technologies that are coming that could make a huge difference to how we live our lives. Things like space elevators, 3D printing and personalised medicine are reaching the stage where they may be possible/useful/life-saving in the next few years, and this book serves to give a humorous overview of the current state of the art.

And best of all, one of the authors is Zach Weinersmith, who draws the Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal web comic so the text is interspersed with lots of cartoons.

It’s a big book, but really it can’t go into depth on any of the topics. I thought that was a bit of a shame because I generally wanted to find out more of what the authors found out during research - even when I already knew a bit more about the subject than was covered.

I could happily read another book like this. What else is coming along soonish?

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