‘The Go Programming Language’ by Alan A. A. Donovan and Brian Kernighan

‘I Miss Inheritance, Generics’

Score: 5/5

Alan A. A. Donovan and Brian W. Kernighan

I’ve been trying to move away from .Net (I still resent them paying money to someone to make the ‘free’ tools spy on me) and Go seemed to be growing in popularity enough to sustain a good range of libraries so I figured it was time I should learn more about it. And I realised it’s been years since I last read a book dedicated to a programming language the whole way through.

So, ‘The Go Programming Language’, here we are.

There’s a lot to like about Go. There are also some bits of it that seem embarrassingly amateurish (I have to put my source code under a directory called ‘src’? Really? It can go anywhere I like, as long as the parent directory is called ‘src’? Seriously?) But the irksome GOPATH is not the point here. Nor is my missing inheritance and generics - they may be less necessary but I’d still find them useful.

The book is excellent. The code examples are concise but complete, the explanations clear. I remember decades ago reading another book with Brian Kernighan as a co-author - the famous ‘The C Programming Language’ - and I think I can see his influence here as well. I can probably make a good case for buying myself every book Brian Kernighan has ever written. At this rate I may need to keep an eye out for further books from Alan A. A. Donovan as well.

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