Norn Iron by Landsat

Amazon made a bunch of datasets publicly available as ‘Amazon Earth’, including a growing collection of Landsat images. The Landsat program is an old program that’s still going, continually taking satellite images of earth. It’s very cool.

Amazon’s Landsat data will grow as they add more images, as Landsat takes more pictures.

I wondered what Northern Ireland looked like over time, so I wrote a wee viewer to get the data from Amazon and allow you to step back in time. The viewer starts with the latest image and allows you to step back to the earliest available image for Northern Ireland, taken in March 2017.

In summary: Norn Iron is dark at night, and mostly cloudy. The image taken on 25th March 2017 is nice and clear though.

Here’s the simple viewer:

Acquisition Date:

This viewer loads all the data dynamically so it should (maybe) work even as Amazon add new items to the Landsat collection. I guess we’ll see...

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