‘La Belle Sauvage’ by Philip Pullman

‘When’s The Next Instalment?’

Score: 4/5

Philip Pullman

We’ve waited for a long time for Philip Pullman to get back to Dust. The last of the His Dark Materials trilogy was published in 2000. Was it worth the wait?


It’s a simpler book than Northern Lights was. I think there’s a lot more scene-setting here than in the first book of the previous trilogy, and as a result there’s less focus on standalone plot.

There’s still the start of a story here, and the adventure here is nicely paced. Even though I hate books that don’t deliver a good standalone story, I can’t wait for the next instalment of this.

P.S. Wouldn’t ‘La Belle Sausage’ be a great name for a French sausage shop? (Yeah, I know ‘sausage’ would be ‘saucisse’ in French. Shush.)

P.P.S. Turns out there already are a bunch of ‘La Belle Sausage’s out there.

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