‘The Afterlife of Alice Watkins’ by Matilda Scotney

Score: 1/5

‘Dystopia Presented As Utopia’

I’m really not sure what to make of this book. It feels like the future setting is a dystopia - prejudice and just awful, unfair treatment of people - but it's presented as if it’s the greatest thing ever.

As I was reading it I was wondering: Is it really trying to make the point that this is the kind of society that we should aim for? Or is it building to a big reveal that tears the dystopia down?

Well, there was no big reveal by the end of the book, and all the people - including the dystopia’s leaders - were always described as ‘lovely’. Everyone was lovely. There was only one character in the book that wasn't lovely all the time, and he was still occasionally lovely.

It’s Book One, so presumably there are more in this series, but the dystopia-presented-as-utopia makes me very reluctant to read any follow-ups. I don’t want to run the risk of giving more money to someone who thinks these prejudices are a good idea.

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